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Four things that you might want to keep in mind during summer

Vacation is around the corner in Scandinavia. But before you check out completely you might want to think about how to maintain your business and marketing activities during a season of the year that actually is a quite important one, not least for a lot of B2C companies.

Four things that you might want to keep in mind:

How do your current and potential customers consume media during summer? Does your target audience behave differently during summer and how do you make sure that you won’t be forgotten during vacation period?

Do you have a structure for measuring, sorting and analyzing all of you influencer marketing activities. Late summer often invites you to a fresh start and August will be the right time to settle new structures for your strategy ahead.

Social media never sleeps and definitely doesn’t go on vacation. Summer time offers some great opportunities to brake through the clutter in a much more cost efficient way than during fall and winter. It also enables some great opportunities to catch some amazing content to save for the darker days.

Have you planned your marketing activities for the upcoming fall? If not it might be a good idea to prepare your team and external partners for what you intend to do in August and September. Perhaps you will also come up with some great ideas once the stress has settled and you are ready to think straight again. If that’s the case then don’t hesitate to throw them out to whom it may concern before the ideas will be lost in daily work routines again.

But foremost look after yourself and you beloved ones, we are here for you every season of the year.