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Thoughts on Influencer Marketing – Fanny Alfredsson, Marketing Communications Manager – Husqvarna

(interview has been translated into English)

How do you define a successful influencer marketing campaign? What are your main KPI’s?

– For us, a successful campaign is when the influencer manages to reach out with a message that the audience actually understands and a type of content that they actually want to engage with. Naturally we have set goals for each and every campaign we carry out and for our last campaign with United Influencers the main goal was to create awareness for our new product garden series called ”Aspire”. This meant that content quality and relevant reach was what we valued the most.

The type of products you offer have a somewhat longer customer journey than what you traditionally might experience within influencer marketing. How do you evaluate if the campaign has fulfilled your objectives once the campaign period has ended?

– It’s important to understand that you have to work on a long term basis when looking at a product category like the one we offer. Brand Awareness is key of course but short term we measure engagement, feedback from the audience (comments etc.) and of course also that we have obtained sufficient reach and impressions.

What are the largest challenges when working with influencer marketing for a product category like yours?

– The challenge for us is to find influencers that are relevant to our target audience and to make sure that the message is distributed in a correct way. Since safety is a key ingredient when using our products it is extremely important that the chosen influencers are using the products in a correct and safe manner as well as showing the audience what safety tools you should have at hand.

Moreover, it’s quite a challenge to connect a specific marketing activity to the outcome in sales. Therefore we always set both long- and short term campaign goals so that we can evaluate one part in connection to the campaign and the other part over time.

How do you ensure ROI for your investments in influencer marketing? What can you as a buyer do in order to make sure that you achieve impact.

– We ensure ROI by following relevant data points and to carefully compare those with e.g. costs for other marketing activities. To ensure impact we prioritize the selection of influencers, set clear campaign goals and look into the results thoroughly.

In what way does influencer marketing create value for your existing and prospective group of customers?

It creates value by raising awareness about the products in general, showing how they are supposed to be used and foremost creating social proof by providing genuine user experience.

Why did you choose influencer marketing as a strategy for the Husqvarna AspireTM series specifically?

Husqvarna AspireTM is a series of products that foremost targets house owners with smaller gardens or people who have just bought their first house and are eager to get into the world of garden care and maintenance. To us, this group of customers are quite new since most of our other products are made for heavy duty, being renowned for their powerful nature.

Our early analysis of the AspireTM series shows that the customers are highly present on social media platforms, read product reviews and follow influencers. In other words influencer marketing was a great match for this specific objective.

What are your three most important things to have in mind before investing in an influencer marketing campaign?

1.Goals and KPI’s – Simply what do you want to achieve? Remember to compare results and accomplishment with your KPI’s and overall goals.

2. Target audience – Look at the audience of the influencer and not only the influencer itself.

3. Authenticity and trustworthiness – A collaboration must be authentic, relevant and natural among the influencer’s general content. Moreover the chosen

Last but not least. According to you, what are the three most important things to evaluate after a campaign is finalized?

1. Remember to compare your result towards your set goals and KPI’s. It might sound obvious but it’s easy to just run forward towards you next task.

2. Engagement. How did the audience interact with the influencer’s content. Were they engaged or not? Was the response positive and did the message create any value for the receiver?

3. Long term effects. Look at the investment from a long term perspective as well. How has the awareness and attitude towards the product or service been affected over time?